Newbie needing some help.


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Hello all,

I guess first, I'm Steve, live in KY, and have had my 94 integra LS for about 4 years now. I have driven it some and it did really well right out of the field.. yes I bought my car out of a field. It had set for about 2 years prior. Jumped it off and drive it home. That is relevant to the information I am needing.

I drove my teg for about a month or two after bringing it home. It had several rusted out holes in the exhaust piping as well as a couple in the muffler and resonator. One of the first things I did in that case was to remove the exhaust system from the catalytic converter back. While I had this off I ran just from the exhaust manifold. No, this is not illegal here, but it is very loud. The only part of the exhaust system I did not replace was the manifold and the cat, got it home it ran great, parked it, and changed plugs, wires, distributor, installed cold air intake, cleaned the throttle body. When I started it back up to drive it again, it will stall under load. In reverse or drive. Its an automatic. It runs but the rpm will not go up past 1000. Pedal to the floor rpm is at right about 950, give it gas normally and it sounds like a 2 stroke when the choke is set too high or it stalls from running to rich. Doing research on here, before I posted this, I have changed TPS, IACV, MAF, ECM, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pressure reg, cleaned the fuel rail and injectors, and still this issue exists. Today, I took the cat off again, last resort I was thinking it could have been stopped up. Problem still exists. So, I am officially at a loss here, and would really appreciate any diagnostic help possible.

I have not had any SELs, thats the only one not on though... something else I have noticed is that, in park, I tap the accelerator and it seems to stick a little revs to about 2000 rpm and will stay there until I pull back on the accelerator, then it will drop to around a 1000. Even though I have noted them in the post, I will also list all of the things I have done so far. That seems to be something I see a lot that tends to help. Like I said, though, I do appreciate any of you guys who may have ideas. I am out of them all the way around.

Things I have done...
New iridium plugs
New wires
New distributor and coil
New ECM (or refurbished, as close to new as possible)
New fuel filter
New fuel pump
New fuel pressure regulator (adjustable)
New exhaust
Cold air intake
Cleaned throttle body
Checked for vacuum leaks
Cleaned fuel rail
Cleaned fuel injectors
New gas (as it sat)
Checked main relay
Checked all fuses
New radiator
Changed all fluids and filters
Checked all grounds