no start after intake manifold replacement


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hi kinda new to the 4 cylinder world but i know a little bit i was driving home one morning and noticed a extreme loss in a power and what sounded like compressed air being pushed out from around the intake manifold area and i felt the air aswell so i replaced the manifold and gasket everything else was checked and seemed fine well i go to start it and the car no longer started so i did compression and leek down tests had 70psi on cylinder 3 pulled the head off and checked all my valves pistons crank basically complete motor check from top to bottom couldn’t find anything that seemed bad other than the head gasket but i didn’t have any coolant and oil mixing not sure where to go from here so figured id try to get some help before just parting the rest of the car out and saying goodbye to it it’s a 2001 integra ls coupe b18b1