North County San Diego Meet


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Anyone in North County San Diego interested in doing a meet or anything?

It would be nice to establish a group with similar interests/cars that we can all hang out with.

As of now rules will be (and these one's will stick):
1. NO BURNOUTS - we will most likely be meeting in a place that is not our personal property so we should respect the area, especially if we want the businesses to tolerate us.

2. NO STREET RACING - save it for the track or for a time when others won't be liable for you acting like a fool.

3. CLEAN UP YOUR AREA - again same as rule 1, respect the area, clean up after yourselves like an adult.

4. BE RESPECTFUL - no general douchebaggery of any sort, respect the people, respect their ride, ask before you touch etc.

5. HAVE FUN - no point in doing this if you can't have fun.

I can work out details i.e. time, place etc once I get some of you to roger up. I will personally get a GO/NO GO response from the local businesses/security where ever we deem a good meet up spot.