Not going over 3k rpm...


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Hello everyone I have a 1995 Acura Integra LS that I just swapped a B20B into. Before I swapped the B20 it had a GSR that was running good but was smoking which is why I swapped it. Since I swapped the B20B the car turns on and idles fine but when I go to gas it after 3000rpm it boggs or chokes out and starts making popping noises from the intake manifold. Has no check engine light on. I have replaced the tps sensor and calibrated it. replaced iacv with new one. MAP sensor when plugged in at idle fine and if I unplug the MAP sensor idling it dies out so that's good. new spark plugs, new fuel filter, new cap and rotor. has aftermarket exhaust no cats, has a new o2 sensor and it has a obd1 to obd2 jumper at the distributor. other than that its stock. I'm sure its in limp mode so I unplugged the battery and ecu fuse and put my hondata s300. I uploaded a b20 basemap and calibrated the tps and the vehicle still does the same thing that will not go over 3000rpm. I changed it to a b18 LS basemap and does the same thing. Car will idle all day long until gas runs out no problem but trying to drive it and it boggs out everytime gas pedal is hit and rpms go up. I connected a stock p75 ecu and still does the same thing. anyone have an idea what it could be?