OBD1 Breather Delete


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So I have been perusing the forums searching for guidance on what to do about crankcase ventilation. There are hundreds of posts about the subject on this forum alone, not all are very helpful. Here is some information about my setup: remanufactured B18B1 OBD1 long block, OBD2 Intake manifold from my last build, and an OBD2 VC.

I have considered plugging the breather holes in the OBD1 block and venting through the VC. Does this even work on an OBD1 block? I spoke to the company that sold me the remanufactured engine and they weren't sure. It would seem to me that the pressure would need a path to flow from the crankcase into the head in order to be vented from the VC. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I should also add that I am only considering the black box delete because I can't find that damn 17135-P75-000 breather pipe that seems to have been discontinued. I've also toyed with the idea of just going with a catch can, but that is not a path I would like to go down at this time.