Official DSLR Photography Thread


Raceline USA
Damn Kev! That picture with the blue swings looks sick!

K. Legaspi

You Buggin' Out
Thanks Matt!

As for you Jake, I'm just making good use of my camera and I'm looking to get some CC from Ci! :lol:


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I just got my DSLR, so technically you're winning because I don't have any shots yet. lol

EDIT: Like, JUST got it today. lol


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This weekend I'll go take some shots.

We should start the photography contests up again soon.....

Ominous G2

I got to play with mine a little bit today, car was just rinsed off so it's not as clean as it can be. It might be detailed tomorrow. Cheesenip this is a real mopar. 8)

Just took these to play with the settings.

Artsy shot.