Oil leak from rear main seal & oil pan gasket


94 Integra
I have a 94 Acura Integra with only 128k original miles on it. There are actually 3 oil leaks that need to be fixed. Two of the oil leaks are from the rear main seal & oil pan gasket. The only way to get to that area is to take the engine out. The other oil leak is only the valve cover. To fix these problems, I'm looking at a little over $1000.

I'd like advice on whether or not you guys feel it's worth fixing or should I consider selling? I'd like to get it fixed, but with the engine having to come out, would this cause future problems? Basically, is it worth putting money into the vehicle?


you could do the oil pan gasket yourself might take you a hr or so to do but saves you money, as far as the rear main seal i can never remember where that is

i highly suggest doing the valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket yourself. all you need is some basic tools and a couple of jacks. Google some DIY articles on how to do this on a teg. you can get the gaskets from shucks or napa. its really simple and an easy way to start getting your hands dirty with your car.

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