okc teg meet.


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started posting on a few OK only site and a few teg forums, trying to put together a teg meet in the OKC area.
if anyone is interested plz start posting possible dates and times. I will give the farthest drivers dibs on that since your making a trip compared to the local okc guys.

tegs from tulsa ,stillwater, and surrounding okc. RHD's, type R's, and some G2's.
about 12 cars for sure without even talking about a date. lol
would like to see how the TX teg scene looking.

(If you wanna post a pic of car you are bringing, might get a bigger buzz, for you clean tegs)
Several people taking pics and i know for sure two vids. will be shot.

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I'm down for a meet. I just got my teg and new to the honda stuff, my car dosen't look so great now, but I'd be down to meet some fellow teg owners an chat it up


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doubt it will ever happen not enough oklahoma people on this forum.
try ok-speed.com/forums or humbleperformance.com/forum those are the best local forums i can think of...