Portland, OR Weekly Meet "Red Door Meet"


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Lol. I know. Just being my smart ass self. I hope to be coming to a few meets once the civic is fixed


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I had a good honest chuckle at this for a good 10 minutes. (Not that I think it is incorrect, but just how it was said)

Maybe I'll show up ChopShop... my Integra has fallen on hard times, so unless you guys are cool with an old honey badger-looking-car who doesn't give a s***... I'll probably just sit here lurking.
Not to worry, most of us are daily driven. My Integra probably looks way worse than yours. Again, I"ll repeat, ANYTHING with wheels is welcome. Although we did have some problems with Semi's trying to find parking. Join the Red Door Meet on facebook and see what we are all about. Cars, new people, and a good time!



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Not only do we have food trucks that show up, we now have a mobile dyno that will dyno your whip on the streets of RDM. Check our facebook page for more info!


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Damn. Sound like some serious shyt is going on down there.

We should make a trip one of these days.


And that green mk2 gti is the guy I bought my civic froms car. 28 psi charged. He bought my jetta for parts lol.