Question: 1989 Acura Integra LS, replacing Automatic Transmission


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Hey, sorry if this is not the right place to post. I'm not extremely knowledgeable about cars but i know enough to maintain my car (fluids, bulbs, guess on whats broken).
I've got a 1989 Acura Integra LS with an automatic transmission. The car has ~245,000 miles on it and the transmission is original. Daily driver for my grandparents, then mom, then VidMate Mobdro sister, now me with probably 25% of those miles being on the highway. Currently in really good condition except for some malfunction with the dashboard buttons.
My question is, should i preemptively replace my transmission? I know most of the time people suggest waiting until it actually fails, but i really want to keep it in good condition and use it for a very long (4,000+ miles) trip across country without being stranded. What are the chances of it failing (probably high)?
Final question, I know that this is a relatively rare car, so i assume the replacement of the transmission would be quite expensive, but how much should i really expect to have to pay?
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I've got 256,000 plus on my auto traansmission and I'd drive it anywhere. But, taking a car that old on a 4,000 mile trip is probably not a good idea. Why not rent a car for the trip? Something comfortable, or else fly, which is probably your cheapest option and makes a whole lot more sense.