Someone was trying to break into my car!


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WTF!? I only had this car about a week and some piece of shit was already trying to break into it. I get home from work and my bro comes out telling me he heard my alarm go off and he ran out and saw two guys running down the street.

I live in Santa Clarita, about 15 minutes away from the San Fernando Valley. My area is supposedly considered one of the safer, suburban cities in L.A. county, but every year more and more stupid ass people move here and pull this kind of crap.

Unfortunately, there is no room in the all. Not even for a car. It's all storage.

I guess there wasn't really any point of posting this, other than to vent to other Integra owners.

Anyone else have this happen to them?
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i bought a recovered gsr for dirt cheap lol its legit tho title and all got it from a police auction
I live in VA out in the country
basicaly hear if you steal a car your from one of two streets "1001" or"ford avenue" and thats where you go to look for it....
"all the blacks live there" i cant tell u how many stolen cars are back there. So you can find it but you might get shot!
I live about 15 min from there so im pretty safe, sittin on 7 acers so no one fucks with me or they get shot hahaha, 12 gauge, 4-10, 22, 20 gauge and 30 ot 6 all in my room loaded..... so no ones willing to risk it.
I guess what im saying is make ppl scared of you and you dotn have to wory about it.....


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i bought a recovered gsr for dirt cheap lol its legit tho title and all got it from a police auction
prob got towed and they never picked it up. you also prob got it for hella cheap at a police auction. theres a website that has police inventories in your area...cant remember the name of it though.
yeah it was stripped i can tell there was alot of missing things but mostly inside parts ill have to post some pics of it for yall
Just be thankful you had an alarm.


Reddit is fun.
ya, i am thankful. the alarm helped but somethine else happened after i posted this thread.

i stayed up until about 5 am to keep a lookout. at around 4:30 am, a car was parked directly across the street from my tegg. The car sat there for 2-3 minutes with its headlights on and when i went outside to see what was up, the guy took off.

You think my car was being scoped out or was I just being paranoid due to the state of mind I was already in?