super charge or turbo ?? what would you do ?

i was going to turbo my 92 teg but i was talking to some ppl, and they were telling me not to cuz they did it and blow the engine. now today i was watching horse power tv and the super charged a civic. got some nice power out of it too.

I'm in that boat right now. I would like to turbo, well because turbo's are off the chain. But they also employ the affect of blowing your motor if your engine isn't built right. Supercharging would be sick because almost nobody has them. You can go to websites and see cars with turbos and they show how much boost they are running and they throw out the HP they have. If you go to a website about superchargers, they show a car with a supercharger on it, but don't show how much boost they are running and how much WHP they got. So basically the turbo's are selling more because they show numbers to back up the set-up but I haven't seen a supercharger kit do that. I've seen VORTECH's superchargers and they put out numbers that show how much boost can the charger hold and how much horsepower it can possibly make.........


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boobz said:
i was going to turbo my 92 teg but i was talking to some ppl, and they were telling me not to cuz they did it and blow the engine. now today i was watching horse power tv and the super charged a civic. got some nice power out of it too.
well your friends are idiots. Forced induction is forced induction, weather its turbo,nitrous, or a supercharger you can still blow your motor. Ive seen people boost 14 psi on stock b series blocks for daily driving even and they never blew their shit. when I had my stock motor, I was boosting 11 psi easy. THe supercharger will make nowhere near as much hp as a turbo would make. and if you want to add or decrease boost on a supercharged motor you have to change out a pulley where on turbo motors you can just turn a knob up or hit a switch. I vote for you to get a turbo! :p

True dat man, true dat. I asked around about the VORTECH supercharger and found that some superchargers can hold up to 29 PSI which is good. The only problem is you're not hitting that until you're redlining. The boost on a supercharger will climb as the RPMS climb. With a turbo, you hit the gas wait until your VTEC kicks in to help the TURBO spool up and BOOM!!!! you're gone down the 1320 so fast you won't know what hit ya. (Ok, so I exagerate a lil bit.) I'm now in the boat to do either, TURBO or ALL MOTOR.....its such a hard decission.
hey wuts up guys...well i guess im just gunna hop on board cuz iam in the same problem too.....I have a 90 GS with a B18a1 and it was very hard for me to find any go fast goodies for my non-vtec....until recently wen i went on dad is tellin me to go N/A but i wana go turbo.....come on really who doesnt....i kno most of u guys out there luv da sound of that BOV...i kno i do....well on dat site they have a kit that they say is safe on my stock internals....i could run 8psi gaining between 75-100HP for $3400.....those #'s look pretty good to me.....i heard that they b18a1 had they best bottom end power of all b-series dat true?...well any comments and opinions are appreciated..thanxs.

It is true what they say about your engines bottom end. And yes the "LS" engine, as your engine is called, is turbo friendly. And yes you can run 8 PSI safely on stock internals. Since you have a non-vtec, I say go with the turbo and skip the all-motor part. If you did decide to go all motor, throw a B16A head on your B18A block. With that combo you can beat GSRs and maybe even Type R's depending on how good of a driver you are.
well DownShift96GSR you speak very ya give two different ideas....and ya still didnt say wuts better....and i kind do think of my self as a pretty good driver.....well anyone wit their car peolpe do say that wen i drive that it looks like i kno wut i am doing.... and that it seems like i belong behind the wheel of a car....thats just wut they say...but i kno im still a rookie learnin as I go along.....but anyways if i do throw on a B16a head on my B18a block wut would that combo give performance wise?....wut are good internals to use wit all that? goal wus to have a all motor with 325-400 HP could i achive that with the combo u mentioned?

I'd give up the idea of a supercharger in a g2 integra. It won't fit...the master cylinder is in the way.
I've seen one guy do it with a b16 but he spent a LOT of money and a LOT of time. And wasted a lot. Basically he said he regreted ever doing it but once he started his pride wouldn't let him stop.

Most I've personelly seen out of an all motor setup is 214 whp. I'm sure more is possible. I don't think anything close to 400whp is possible though. just IMO though.

There was a daily driven baby blue G2 sedan in Seattle for awhile running over 400whp but it was boosting.

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