Super Sexy Slammed Integra Thread v2.0


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I'm sure all of you noticed that the orginal SSS Integra Thread has been deleted. After a lot of feedback from members, Coy and I have decided to redo the thread and add a few changes. So enough talk, let's go over the new rules.

*SUPER SEXY SLAMMED* cleansed! new rules!!


Okay folks. Since everyone agreed that people were talking too much, posting pics nothing close to being slammed. so here's the rules to post in this thread.

1. Ttires MUST be tucking!! I cant express this any easier. If its not tucking, IT DOESNT BELONG HERE!!

2. If you question yourself "Is mine slammed?" "Am I worthy?" "I THINK I'm slammed...", you automatically fail and don't even consider posting up the picture.

3. You MUST have a side shot FIRST!! The shot must be at ground level. No angles, not standing up next to it looking down. This gives the illusion that youre slammed when you really have finger gap action.

4. Close up shot of the tuckness to prove you are slammed so there wont be an arguement.

5. If you say, "The roads are bad and this is as low as i could get it." Are you tucking? No? THEN DON'T POST!!

6. AFTER and only after you prove that you're SSS, then you can go and whore out with the pics.

7. NO CHEATING!! Dips, ditches, air ride suspension (airbags), grass/dirt parking, lifting up the rear, etc. car must be on all 4 wheels!!

8. Keep the talking down to a minimum. giving props for their ride is cool. If you have a question about their suspension/wheels/tires, please take that to pm's.

Here is how the FIRST pics should be to prove youre SSS:

SSS Approved:
1. RD408 - Needs a close up picture of the front wheel
2. hb420 - Needs a close up picture of the front wheel
3. 98lsvtecgsr
4. JdmBoi - Needs a side picture and a close up picture of the front wheel
5. Asian - Needs a better side picture and a close up picture of the front wheel
7. oodie
8. kevinm1981
9. dennisly

Super Sexy Slammed: Helpful Hint/Tips -
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bad angle? this pic is what i had availiable on my sd card will have better ones tonight!!!!