The Cleanest Integras. **Don't post YOUR car**


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The Cleanest Integras Thread

This thread is specifically for the "cleanest" Integras out there. If you need a definition of what's clean visit:

1. No chatting -- this is not a chat thread, this thread is for pictures. We have a chat thread for a reason, it's located in the lounge.
2. Only post images of Integra's. These include first gens, through third gens including second. It does not include RSXs.
3. Please keep images to a reasonable resolution. No extremely small (mypsace thumbnail images) or extremely large images (wallpapers). Use imageshack or photobucket for online image resizers.
4. Do not quote full images. Take the [ IMG ] out to make the URL a link.

The thread will be getting "cleaned" so be aware of that.

Any questions, PM me.

Start it off:


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