timing belt adjustment/tightening

What's up forum. Gotta get to the point. I'm doing this from a phone. I have a 91 ls b18. I blew a head gasket and I'm putting the car back together. The timing belt is lining up right but the tension is way off. I have done a lot of searching and it still seems unclear as to what I do first. Do I loose the tensioner bolt, slip the belt on in tdc and then tighten it? I understand that helminc has a manual but I don't have the money or time to get one. I have chilton and it isn't specific on how to adjust the belt. I cannot find the pages I need online so if someone can tell me or post a link that would be awesome. The tension is super loose in between the cams. I am using the 5 mm punch holes to hold the cams in place while I slip the belt on. It seems way too easy to put on. It pretty much slips on there. I mean, I'm strong but last time I helped somebody with this it was a bitch. Please walk through the process with me if you can. I need exact motions. There is one 14mm bolt for the tensioner but I'm not sure how the device works. Do I pull on the belt and the tighten the bolt? I'm confused. I know how to line it up in tdc. It is possible to move the intake cam and catch the next tooth on the belt so that the slack is gone from up top. However, this messes with my cams in tdc so I know its incorrect. Any help is appreciated. Sorry its so long but I had to be specific. Thanks in advance

Also thought I would note that the head was resurfaced by a qualified machine shop. Is it possible they took too much off and now the cams are too low so the belt is too big? The belt is good. I did a water pump on it recently but had a friend who does this often help me with the belt which I replaced. I'm all by my myself on this one.
Put the belt on when the motor is tdc. Then tighten the tensioner. After tight rotate motor counter clockwise so the slack is were on the tensioner side. Loosen it and then really tighten the tensioner this should fix it. If not loosen it again and have a buddy use a screw driver or pry bar to push the tensioner up while u tighten it. Just make sure u don't get the belt to tight.

Thanks man. I will try this when u get home this morning.
Ok its tight all the way around. Is it safe to turn the motor over a few times to make sure its still lined up?
I should mention that I don't have any oil in the motor yet.
Ok so the belt was off by a tooth. The crank shaft won't stop moving. Any ideas?

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