Turbo Integra, good idea for the winter?


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I'm just wondering for those of you out there who have done this before but do you guy think i'll be fine driving my 99 turbo integra in the winter (it also has coilovers but i would forsure raise my car) ? Where I live it can get as cold as minus 35 celsius and we get tons of snow. I plan on getting winter tires but for those of you who have done this before what tips do you have. I would run REALLY low on the boost too.


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I'm guessing since he indicated Celsius, he's probably in Canada...

Of course, this is also in the Canada Regional section :lol:


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The turbo doesn't really matter. Ive driven many turbo vehicles through snow. Your right foot controls the amount of boost so be light on the throttle and it will stay out of boost. And obviously anyone in the snow belt should run snow tires. The difference is night & day. A slight lowering is OK as long as its not slammed. You don't want to plow snow. Ride height depends on the amount of snowfall.


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Take it slow and I would think you would be alright. It gets that cold here with a decent amount of snow and my integra did fine. Then again it was on a stock b18a when I did that.......