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I got this info from other forums, i just edited some stuff. Might be helpful to someone

Air conditioning system removal (-46lbs)
Power steering removal (-17lbs)
wiper fluid bottle + assembly (almost full): -5lbs
Carbon fiber hood (-16lbs)
DC Sports header (-15lbs)
Hawker Genesis battery (-13lbs)
ACT ProLite flywheel (-9.5lbs, rotational)
Intake resonators/piping removal (-7.5lbs)
Cruise control system removal (-4.5lbs)
Intake manifold bracket removal (-2.5lbs)
Glovebox metal panels removal (-2lbs)
Front brake dust shields removal (-0.5lbs, unsprung)
intake manifold support bracket: -3lbs
front tow hooks: -1lb

Sound deadening tar removal (-12lbs)
Subwoofer wiring removal (-4.5lbs)
Mud and door guards removal (-4lbs)
Exhaust heat shields removal (-2lbs)
tar from trunk and some below passenger's seat: -7lbs
front passenger's seat: 34.5lbsdriver's airbag and wiring: -3lbs
moon-roof sliding cover: -1.5lbs

Floor and trunk mats -10lbs
Rear wiper and motor removal (-3.5lbs)
Honda S2000 antenna (-1.5lbs)
Center brake light removal (-1lb)
Rear brake dust shields removal (-1lb, unsprung)
antenna motor: -2lbs
hatch interior (except anything visible from inside the cabin): -9.5lbs

Remove spare wheel/tire and jack (-25lbs, rear)
Remove rear seats, seat belt buckles, trunk mat, cargo cover, and carpet (-36lbs, rear)
Wheels/tires lighter by 2lbs per corner (-8lbs, middle, rotational and unsprung)
Remove floor mats (-10lbs, middle)
(approx. -8lbs from front of car, -71lbs from rear)
Door panel -9lbs x2
Arms rest console -5lbs
Side panel that goes from doors to trunk -5lbs x 2
plastic panel that covers taillights from inside of trunk -3lbs

Type R front lip (+2lbs)
Front strut brace (+2lbs)
Trunk brace (+2lb)
Limited slip differential (+3lbs, rotational)
Prelude VTEC calipers (+6lbs, unsprung)
Prelude VTEC rotors (+6lbs, rotational and unsprung)
Suspension Techniques sway bars (+5lbs)

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I added stuff to the list so the original weight savings total was inaccurate. I haven't done this...


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They should make this a sticky.

Remove floor mats (-10lbs, middle)
(approx. -8lbs from front of car, -71lbs from rear)
what was your total weight savings?
About 300lbs, not counting any items that add weight, and not counting the piece quoted above. Dont really know what rear floor mats a DC has... maybe the hatch cover or the optional spare tire mat?

You could have just added it together and came up with a sum.
Hmm, time to make a new section in the "How to" list just to keep this handy lol.

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