What are good brands to buy from?

Which brands should buy from and stay away from when I'm buying parts?

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You know you have speakers like Bose, Sony, and Pioneer that you know are good brands to buy from. Then you have the Walmart brand I want to stay away from the Wall-Mart brand equivalent if there is one because I'm new in the car game and I want to use quality parts.

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Ok then what kind of things do I look for while looking for any car parts or is there a central hub that sells good car parts that I can depend on?

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Research and depends on your budget because that will determine on what you can afford and what you can not afford. For example Jun, Mugen-Power, Spoon, Toda, etc. is beyond allot of people budget then you have AEM, Greddy, Skunk2, DCSport, Injen, etc. that allot of people can afford then you have the very cheap budget that from Home Depot, Pep Boys, etc.

Also it depends on what your looking for.
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They just came to mind for some reason. :lol:

There's other shitty coilovers, but ricelands as we like to call them are cheap, and they used to be pretty popular for that reason, but they're cheap garbage.

Don't forget Function and Form... :lol:

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