What to do with 2000 GS-R ?


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I am not an Acura person and am trying to help my uncle with the sale of his home and cars, etc since he is moving to a retirement home. He has two Acura that were mint until he was no longer able to drive in 2016/2017. His 2000 Integra has sat unmoved in garage for maybe 3 years, and I just went over to look at the car. It is white with black leather and looks like new with about 75K miles and manual transmission. He always babied the car and was second owner - he has owned the car for last 15 years or so. Bad news is that there is a puddle under left front - appears that the clutch system lost its fluid so I couldn't move the car to check it out better. What would be the best move with this car in terms of selling? Would there be interest in the car as it sits? Car is in Lancaster, PA area and I am hoping to get it sold this summer. What sort of value do you think there is in this car both as it sits and if I were to take it to dealer and have it all fixed?



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You should try to see what fluid is leaking to see if it’s easily fixable. But someone out there must be willing to fix it up since its in good condition. But please do not sell it to a dealership. They’ll rip you off.

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Hey I’m interested in the car also from Lancaster pa.

Can you message me your number. I’ll do the same please contact me ASAP thank you.