what's this plug? and loud popping sound, car wants to die?

loud popping sound, then car wants to die?

Hello CI!
Also my car made a weird, loud, popping sound... like a back fire..I was on the free way and the car felt like it was dying then POP and returned to normal.. it came from under the car..

also it has made this same sound when starting and then it wants to bog then die slowly.. If I give it gas before it dies it will continue to run..if it does die I cant start unless I let it sit for awhile... this doesnt happen all the time..

94 ls manual w/ 149k-sri,header,exhaust
cleaned fitv and iacv but idle still is from 800-1500 after warmup
power seems normal
no CEL
Temp and coolant is normal
no smoke or funny smells from exhaust
at 3k oil change I had 3 1/8 quarts drained
spark plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve,

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yea.. thats it.. car wouldn't crank just now.. went to the engine bay and that wire was out of the hole.. put it back it and it fired up!

But as for the popping and dying issue.. idk.. I've only had this car for almost a year, this was my first winter with the car... I noticed it didn't do this until it become colder.. But you could always hear it pop and crackle but its not nearly as loud! it becomes louder when you back of the the throttle.. almost like a V8 with cams sometimes!

My mods are dc 421 header, injen sri, and old school tanabe racing medallion cat back

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it could be a lean pop, mine has a pop when im at high speeds and i let my foot off the gas a bit. the expirience ive had with backfires in this car is a quieter pop then right after a very loud pop, like pop BANG
sounds like a fuel delivery issue, check your filter first
I have replaced the fuel filter.. what else should check besides replacement?

it could be a lean pop, mine has a pop when im at high speeds and i let my foot off the gas a bit. the expirience ive had with backfires in this car is a quieter pop then right after a very loud pop, like pop BANG
Thats what I am thinking.. something about unburnt fuel igniting in the cat?? came across someone stating that while googling for a solution.

I have replaced my spark plug wires w/ ngk 8041 and cap/rotor.. idle and sound is still there..but it hasn't did the major POP/trying to die... just the crackling popping sound reving and idling. =/ maybe I should get a tune.. when I checked the spark plugs they didn't show signs of running lean...
so from research I gather this.. anyone else have anything to offer on top?
-o2 sensor
-vacuum leaks
-cat maybe bad
-evap solenoid

Some people have said popping/crackling is normal.. but I think its more extreme idk..
I know its been awhile but heres an update and some more detailed information..I'll post some pics of the dizzy, and try to get a good video/sound clip of the exhaust pop/idle/stalling ASAP

94 Integra 5spd 147k OBD1 LS(injen short ram, dc 421 header, 60mm tanabe cat back w/ gutted cat) 30-33 MPG
the fuel pump does prime
no CEL
ran some seafoam
clean FITV & IACV
did coolant flush/refill, temp is good, and valve lash adjustment
oil changes every 3k wix filter/pennzoil 5w-30

ngk plugs/wires
purelator filter

*Found a vacuum leak on the IM put the hose back on.. now idles 500-800...
*sometimes cars idle drops very low like about 400-500..
*idle still feels rough, but could be my ES motor inserts lol

Stalling on start up:
*lately the car wants to stall more frequent on start up.. If I let it sit it starts great afterwards.. When It does want to stall I can sometimes stop it by holding the throttle down(which makes me think its fuel related)and it will countinue to run.

*when I did the cap/rotor install I did notice alot of red dust, at the time I didn't know what it was so I just cleaned it up and went on... after researching I realized what the red dustwas so tonight I took my cap off again and didn't notice anything red dust.. BUT my ignition coil had corosion/rust on my + & - terminals.. and alot of white dust/corison on all components inside.. the ICM terminials and wires had alittle corrosion too.

I had a spare TD60U dizzy(jdm prelude dizzy) so I tore it apart see how its built and swapped coils.. car seems more responsive and somewhat better idle.. but still idle drops(just put the coil about 1hr ago on so havent experienced any stalling start ups)

Exhaust Pop:
*exhaust still pops after shifting, but hasn't done the major loud pop on the freeway w/ the lose of power while trying to stall ordeal.
*if I rev the car and hold it, you can hear pops and gurgling in the exhaust
*my cat has become clogged randomly one say... I was on the freeway and there was no power.. I thought I was on limp mode.. I floored it and it wouldnt accle. I gutted the cat and everything is fine.. But theres still some kind of back fire/popping sound.

Things to do:
*I am going to get a B&M fuel pressure gauge and see what that tells me..
*I am going to swap the ICM from the TD60U while cleaning up the corosion the best I can tomorrow, and see if that helps..But the best thing would be looking for a new(used) OBD1 LS dizzy in good condition with less corosion/build up and swap in the good compents I have.
*replace o2 sensor, its cheap
*check ignition timing

Overall I believe the dizzy is causing all these problems... though after researching I haven't found a solution to the popping/back firing issue besides it possibly being just my exhaust..but all my other friends cars don't act this way. Once I get a used dizzy oand swap it in, I'll update.

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