Who the hell even still has an integra anymore?

Do you still have an integra?

  • Yes, a 1st gen.

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  • Yes, It's an Integra Scooter

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The other asshole
Take 2 because my dumbass voted and couldn't see the results.

If you still have a teg, post a pic of it, if not post what you're currently driving, and a pic of your old integra, or just post a pic of all your pieces of shit if you have more than one regardless. :lol:

The old POS

The new Daily's


Only pic from 2014. R.I.Pieces
Should post a pic post-rock kissing. :lol:

There's a poll on this thread for you crapatalk only homos, just sayin'.


My job is clean toilets

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No fucks given.



No fucks given.
Are you serious? :lol:

I mean that's a sweet ass ride, but are you serious? :rolf:
Just needs some bull horns on the hood.