2nd Gen Roll Call!

JDM James

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Lets see some pictures. Scott and Brit I know you both have some pics to post.

Ominous G2

I'll try to get pics up later. I'm gonna finish up my new rear panel, this one is all kinds off straight.


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92 GS

1-pieces, tanabe HYPER medallion exhaust (not the obnoxious racing medallion)

intake, header

motor soing in soon enough pshhh :wink:


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white 1990 LS
all stock
except for EBC vented dimpled and slotted brake rotors and Greenstuff brake pads


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Originally posted by "vtecteg"

my 91integra ls isgoing in for sergery tobecome right hand drive :)
Please let me know how ut turns out...seriously looking into bringing one over from Japan. going all JDM on my 92