2nd Gen Roll Call!


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I've had my 92 GS for almost a year now. It's bone stock, and has 230,000 miles. Very clean and 5-speed. So far I've done some minor visual mods. I changed out the signals and corner lights, but now I've also added a car alarm and window tint. I kinda want to jump into performance mods, but might just want to get right to swapping out the motor.



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My Nimbus cloud, everything stock, shes a bit beat up, but I'm excited to buff her out. I sanded and primed the left fender due to rust and right now , Im trying to get rid of all the leaks and get it nice and patched up

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Picking this gem up in a few days in what I would say, at $3,600, is a steal. 1993 GS-R #2248 - B17A1.

As far as I know, and as far as seller has disclosed, it is bone stock with 230k on the clock. Two very minor spots of rust that have just begun to show that are in need of repair, some general TLC, and then locked behind closed doors for the next twenty years before I sell it to fund my children's way through college. 1625 1626 1627