3rd gen Integra spec sheet


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Thanks for the sheet. Just wondering, as for features wise, what is the difference between a 2000 Integra SE, LS, and GS?

Do they all come with optional sunroofs too?



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Nice link man, and I think I'd take an R over a Gsr if I could just afford it, I drive a built rs. =]


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This is great information. Thanks!


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thank you!


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What should I do

I'm thinkin about putting some black with red trim rotas on my white 95 and also a carbon fiber hood and blacked out lights would this be a good combination?? Tell me


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Does the B18C1 really take 5.1 U.S. quarts of oil? I read somewhere that it took around... 4.1-4.3 U.S. quarts. Please verify.
Yes, for a complete rebuild.

When you change the oil you'll never get 100% of the old oil out so it needs 4.2 for a change with new filter...