5 lug conversion


ONLY couches pull out!!!!
good write up...there have been alot of questions about this.

now if we could just get the noobs to search.:D

would not recommend the five lug conversion alot of issues with wheels falling off just an fyi...shops in my area will not even sell them due to the factor

Ominous G2

First I've heard about this. Sounds more like they are using the wrong lug nuts.
well i have the 5lug on my integra, and i can tell you it works fine...the problem is finding someone with the right knowledge to install it right...it is wayy more then just a simple bolt on install, and my mechanic is a japaneese man who used to work for honda in japan as a mechanic, theres nothing about them he doesnt know.
What is the bonus on the 5 lug? 4 is workin just fine for me
no problems with my ITR suspension ...had it on for like 2 years....never heard of wheels falling due to having 5 lug....sounds more like wrong or not tight enough lugs to me

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