ABS vs. Non-ABS

In the process of converting my 95 GSR to more of a track car vs. Daily Driver. Need advice on whether to keep ABS or go without. I have seen opinions both ways but not on the Integra.

Would like to hear from people who have removed their ABS and tracked their cars.

Would love to get rid of ABS (weight reduction, more driver control, cleaner engine bay, etc...)

depends on many many many things. Our Spec E46 cars are actually faster with abs. I think a daily driver / track car should also have ABS. A little weight here and a little weight there is not going to matter in the big picture when you have to drive the car every day and have some creature comforts. Personally i wish i kept abs. Ive destroyed tires from locking up on track. But its really up to you. This is why IMO track/daily cars do not work. You compromise on a lot of things.
Yea unless you're running slicks on a dedicated track car stick with ABS. I've run both and unless you have a car that has problems with it's system overheating, the ABS manages braking better than 99% of people out there... don't even get me started with rain.

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I've read people who track their Integra's keep ABS, and prefer it.

I daily my car and ABS saved my a$$, I came from a dc4 RS and it was sketchy at times especially driving with bad drivers all around. Keep ABS delete AC?
I'd say keep both if the car does anything other than track days or if you have an s/o.

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