Club Integra Gun Club!!


Body first, then Motor!
dang i was hoping someone was going to start this.

All i have is a pellet gun right now.

but soon to get an Rock River AR15 or Arsenal Ak15.
get it mann I wanna see!
im actually looking to get a hand gun in the near future for me and my wife (mainly for my wife when i deploy) looking to get a beretta or something. i suggested a shot gun because if a robber hears the cocking of it, hes gonna leave in a heartbeat :)
Both would be good for home protection. Shot gun would be cool though!

thats muh job :D
i use it at work, along with a m240-D and a gau-16.
wow. all i have to say haha nad luckyyyyy
and a .364 raging bull for any dinosaurs that try to break in my house, haha
Niiiiice. You have pics?
its alright, has its ups and downs, bullshit and fun times, it just depends on the day....steady pay, free place to live and semi easy advancement if youre willing to put some effort into it.


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I don't own a gun, because honestly, I have a temper and am not 100% sure I could absolutley 100% trust myself with one. If I felt I really needed one, I'd get one. But until that happens, no gun for me.

But I definitley support gun rights, because if it comes down to it, it's the last line of defense against a tyrannical Government. That's what the 2nd Amendment is all about.
You have an inalienable God given right (it's not a Government given right) to protect your life and property.