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I have a couple.

Armalite AR-10
Mossberg 500 12 ga.
Remington 870 12 ga.
Yildiz Over/Under 12ga.
Benelli Super Black Eagle (3.5" chamber, 12 gauge, semi-auto)
Smith & Wesson M&P .40
Savage 110 Accutrigger .270 Winchester
Ruger M77 .300 Winchester Magnum
Browning BAR 7mm Remington Magnum
Sako TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum
Marlin Model 39a Lever Action .22LR
Remington 597 semi-auto .22LR
Ruger Mark III Tactical .22LR Pistol
Benjamin Sheridan .20cal pellet gun

I'm at work now, but here are just a couple pics that I happen to have on my phone or already in my photobucket.

Modded Mossberg

Sako TRG

Armalite AR-10

Remington 597

Savage Model 110

Modded Mossy and my old Norinco SKS

Mossy, AR-10, Remington 870 and Marlin 39a

I have gotten rid of a few as well. I used to have a Remington M40, Ruger Mini-14, S&W Sigma .40, S&W .357 and Norinco SKS. I'm sure I probably left out something of one of these lists.
^ Jesus...........O.O

ever since me and my bros car was broken into for the second time our dad passed down a chinese SKS and a ruger 9mm XD and i've got myself 2, 33inch butterfly knives :thumbs up


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Ohhh yeag just a couple haha. Alllll very nice guns, Im guessing you hunt a lot? and aw if you still had that m40 and selling I would buy it. Im looking for a good rifle. Ill probably end up with the remington 700.
I do like to hunt. I sold the M40 to a friend to get the TRG. I had been wanting a powerful sniper rifle and didn't see much point in holding onto a Remington M40 in .308 Win. that I would probably never shoot after getting a TRG .338 Lap Magnum.

Dc2GS-R I want that sako TRG! haha
It is a sick gun!
hell yeah! lmao
only people from Texas have guns like these :)
Just about everyone I know has atleast 5-10 guns. Some of my friends have more like 30 though.
for shotgun go with whatever the dc2-GSR
I keep my tactical shotgun full of 00 Buckshot next to my bed for home protection. It would be quite a bit more effective than a pistol. Plus the light on it is blinding at night and the gun only weighs about 5.5lbs.

They are also cheap in terms of guns. You can build one like mine for about $500. Of course it depends on the sight you use. The holographic sight on it has 3 different reticles that can be illuminated in green or red, and it is not very expensive. But the EoTech holographic sight on the AR-10 is $500 by itself.
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im a felon so i cant have guns, i dont need one ethier, im very hott headed and there truly is something wrong with me,o and my wife dont trust me with one, but i love guns. and have owend a few before i be came a felon,
shotty and few mis hand guns.i love knifes i have like 20 to 30 + matching ones a beat stick and a my wife has a tazer. i wanna get the tazer shot gun and i wanna get for my car just in case anyone brakes in

and here is the shotty
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I like Hondas
I've got a few, selling a .222 Remington 700, Winchester Model 94 30-30, and Smith and Wesson SW40VE. Looking to buy a DDI AK, might go the AR-15 route. Haven't decided. Currently have a 20 pump, 12 gauge 1100 mag, and a few .22s.


Is that first pica dude :shock:

I've got a few, selling a .222 Remington 700, Winchester Model 94 30-30, and Smith and Wesson SW40VE. Looking to buy a DDI AK, might go the AR-15 route. Haven't decided. Currently have a 20 pump, 12 gauge 1100 mag, and a few .22s.
Pics of the SW40ve?
I might be interested


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JD machine tech is full of nice folk. They helped me with my AR15 build sometime ago. If I had to do it all over again I'd just get one pistol and one rifle. Probably a M14 and a CZ75 SP-01 but those pistols are hard to come by and no longer on the DOJ approved list ::sadness::.


What kind of gun would be good for target practice?

Pro's and Con's about double and single stack clips
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You make me think youre gay for talking about wee wee's and guys asses a lot. Have you come out of the closet yet?


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Anything man, the best thing to do is go to a gun range and try out different guns to see what you like most. Single or double stack won't effect too much really.... except for round count if you are a s*** shot ;) :p

Can't go wrong with the typical brands you see. IE Glock, various brands for 1911's. HK etc.
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The feel of something hard in your hands is what you want.

I was just looking for peoples opinion about the thickness of the handle and what they liked and disliked about it