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my 1992 GS-R

Hello. This is my 1992 Integra GS-R. 235k miles and still drives like a beast. I love her.



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92 integra RS with 312,xxx kms and still going strong


Looking for my next Teg..

been here a little while. been at G2IC a little while longer (I think)

91 integra GS 360+k on the chassis, and 152K on the current LS block :) still a work in progress with my mechanical upgrades finished (for now) Bodywork & paint prep is gonna be started soon.



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1992 ls with a jdm b20b and b16 tranny swap!

When I picked her up last week she looked like this:

The day after, found the hubcaps in the backseat and threw them on:

And today, lowered on coilovers, needin a bumper bracket:( :