DA Squad official thread


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Picked this baby up last month! Cant tell from the pics but paint is chipping on hood and bumpers :(

Only upgrade so far is Homemade Icebox intake! Eibach Sportlines coming in the mail :)



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Its the same concept as that thread, except with the DA you have to tape off the front vent on the airbox and instal a straight tube down


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I joined long time ago but im just now getting around to share a little more with everyone I drive a 87' integra and a 93' RHD xsi that I have poured sweat and blood for the last 4 years since iv owned it. Im not done but I really dont think it will ever end. here it is

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#202?? lol

I will post pics of the new to me DA daily driver (may do some fat 5's, suspension, and stereo) and also my baby/fun car that I have done so much to and about to begin fabbing my turbo build.

Heres the toy car.

And one at the track




1990 RS. Stock B18A1, 235k on engine, non-rebuilt, stage 3 clutch, burns no oil, custom leather seats, aluminum alloy rims, everything else stock. 5 speed.

See me carving through traffic on the streets of 818. :D I love my car. Super fun.



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1990 GS Swapped with a 96 B18B1, 111k on the cluster, reports all prove it accurate as well! Needs motor work tho. Here's the lil lady: