effect wheels modify racing?

Anyone heard of this kind of wheel. It says " effect wheels modify racing " on the center cap around an emblem.
I need wheels and they are being sold at a decent price. Dont know if theyre good or not

I had drag wheels once for about a year and they were actually great. No paint peel or fading. They looked the same as the day i got them. So theyre drags? Theyre for dd
Knockoffs are fine IMO, especially for daily driving. Theyre cheap to replace if you F one up, and they dont have the same "steal me" factor that real (insert real wheel company here) have... If I were blasting around the track, Id be more comfortable with REAL forged wheels (Volks, Mugen/Spoon, etc.), but I have buddies doing just fine with rotas at the track. I think it comes down to what your comfortable buying...
Its kind of a vague request, man. I google searched it, for a few minutes, but didnt find anything (perhaps a more extensive search would show results)... Have a picture of the wheel? Or maybe a wheel that looks like it? Need a lil more info to go off of

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