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Since I made an Intake Review Thread, I thought that it was only fair to make an exhaust one. Same instructions will be followed as in the Intake Review Thread.

Name of exhaust:



Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup:

Your Impression:



Overall Rating: (1-5) 1=sucks ass 5=FTMFW!

Pictures (Optional):

Videos (Optional):

Now let's see those exhausts!


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Raceline USA
Name of exhaust: A'PEXi World Sport 2

Cost: $430 (Out the door)

Year/Model/Motor: 1995/Integra GS-R Sedan/B18C1

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup:
1) Stock air box with Spoon air cleaner
2) DC Sports ceramic 4-2-1 one-piece header
3) Stock catalytic converter

Your Impression: I chose the WS2 mainly because I had one on my 91 CB7. Due to it's chambered design, it's a fairly quiet exhaust. However, once you go WOT, it really roars. It's a perfect exhaust for a daily driver and for someone who doesn't want anything too loud. It also keeps you under the radar, away from cop attention.

1) Quiet
2) Sleeper status
3) Affordable

1) Chambered (Little gain in power)
2) Canister is huge
3) Resonator hangs a little low

Overall Rating: 4/5

Pictures (optional):


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Name of exhaust: Apexi N1

Cost: $450+

Year/Model/Motor: 1998/GSR/B18C1

Your Impression: VTEC screams!! Good exhaust note. Deep tone. Good quality didn't lose its tone or muffling ability after time. But I'm not a fan of N1 style canisters. Also too loud for my tastes. This shit will set off car alarms!!

Pros: Nice(but loud) exhaust note, excellent quality and fit, follows stock path, polished muffler for good looks, top end power

Cons: Again loud, muffler lost its shiny

Overall Rating 4/5



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Undercover mod
Name of exhaust: Buddy Club Spec II
Cost: $250 well thats how much i got myne for but im sure its around 400$ something

Year/Model/Motor: DC2/DC4

Your Impression: A Simple slip fit design that is easy to install. sits very nice does not hang low and has a sexy angle to it. The Spec II hugs the bumper nicely. exhaust is pretty much a 2.5 in straight pipe with no muffler. comes with and optional scilencer. loud but has probably the deepest grumble out of any exhaust and turns your car into a fucking jet plane at WOT.

Pros: Makes good power and sounds great
Cons: loud and not legal

Overall rating 3.5 because it is an aquired taste and most can not get away with using it.
and a 4.5 if your like me

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Name of exhaust: Geniune 2000 Integra Type-R

Cost: $200 (header to muffler)

Year/Model/Motor: 1997 LS B18B1

Your Impression: Not too much of any performance gains. ITR brochures state it's a 30% exhaust efficiancy over stock GSR/LS,etc. The exhaust note did change very slightly. I've only had the stock exhuast and while this is a set up, it's not like a A'PEXi WS2, it's quieter. I don't know if that exhaust makes more power or not but this is a great exhaust if you're not into exhaust noise while still looking for a cheap, OEM performance oriented exhaust.

1. Factory exhaust with performance
2. Very affordable

1. Not that much in power gains

Overall Rating: (1-5) 1=sucks ass 5=FTMFW!

Pictures (optional):


Only other engine mod is an AEM SRI.
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Name of exhaust: RS*R ExMag

Cost: $600

Year/Model/Motor: 1993 Honda Civic D15B7 (sounds similar when applied to B series motors)

Your Impression: Great exhaust. As with any system, I wouldn't expect much power gains, but the tone I got out of it was exactly what I was looking for from any car.

-Quiet as hell!
-Orgasmic Tone
-Comes with all new gaskets
-still has a good pipe size for being so quiet (2.36in)
-Outer Tip Diameter isn't obnoxiously huge, but still noticeable (3.94in)
-Ricers usually don't bother unless you're on it because they can't hear it.
-no cops (not even looks)
-It's GREAT for N/A application.

-was resting on my bumper when I first installed, but after a while it backed off.
-A little small for turbo's, but I will still be using it when I'm boosted.
-Not much power gain

Overall Rating: (1-5)


[YOUTUBE="Short Rev Clip"]f42y6bCldAI[/YOUTUBE]
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Kuchtaboy you have the new RS*R version correct? the full stainless steal one... I have the " old version" black chambered one...
here's sound clip

before/after pic

I agree 100% with Kuchtaboy, but I'd rate it 5

and I also think IF post sound clips, we should list what intake/header we are using cuz that effects the sound of exhaust.
I'm was running::
BSQ Icetake, stock air box. K&N & Ebay short ram.
Comptech 4-2-1
Carsound cat

Both RS*R EXMAG are DISCOUNTED, just in case someone looking for one, you half to buy it used.
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Name of exhaust: A'PEXi World Sport 2

Cost: $450

Year/Model/Motor: 1994 Integra LS w/ B20B

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup:
2.75" CAI, Vibrant 4-2-1 Header, Vibrant High Flow Cat.

Your Impression: For me this is my 7th or 8th exhaust on the car. I've had Borla, Flowmaster, Invidia, Apexi N-1 and the Original WS. I like this exhaust because it is quiet and give that nice crisp exhaust tone that lets someone know that your car is modified, but doesnt let them know the extent of your mods. Very sleeperish.

Quiet, exhaust tone, sleeper

Chambered (Little gain in power)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Pictures (optional):
Name of exhaust: GReddy Evo II

Cost: 260 From Kevin on here. $$ New.

Year/Model/Motor: 96 GSR - LS Motor

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: Stock exhaust manifold / cat

Your Impression: Love the sound, would look better on a 98+ bumper

Pros: Deep loud, sounds great. Overall very nice.

Cons: Looks big on a < 98 bumper. Def looks better on the newer bumpers.

Overall Rating: (1-5): 4 would be a 5 if I had a newer bumper (just cosmetics)

Pictures (optional):

Videos(Optional): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LCfRFuMjMA&feature=PlayList&p=D60117BCB397F1E4&index=32

^ On Kevin's old integra
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Name of exhaust: Greddy SP2

Cost: traded for a pair of vans, but had to make custom piping, $145 for the custom piping

Year/Model/Motor: 1996/Integra LS/B18B

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: AEM SRI, LS header, LS cat

Your Impression: good exhaust, bottle necks in places becaue its custom piping. deep sound. People say its loud but idk. frees up a little power.

Pros: was cheap for me, deep sound very deep looks stock

Cons: hangs pretty low cant be too SSS

Overall Rating: (1-5) 1=sucks ass 5=FTMFW! 4, hangs low and the custom piping bottle necking

Pictures (optional):

Name of exhaust: RS*R ExMag GT II

Cost: 450

Year/Model/Motor: 94 integra ls - B20/vtec

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: 3" intake w/ velocity stack, vibrant 4-2-1 header, omni power test pipe

Your Impression: Best exhaust i have had so far (for the loud ones) vtec hits good, prolly the most extreme circuit racing exhaust ive seen... has no rasp and a great tone throughout the entire rpm band

Pros: straight through design, good tone

Cons: sits really low (piping goes under gas tank and under rear subframe to achieve best path possible)

Overall Rating: (1-5) 4.5



Name of exhaust: OBX Forza Type H

Cost: 200$

Year/Model/Motor: 2000 gsr

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: sri/stock header/no name cc

Your Impression: im glad i got it. i was on a budget and im satisfied

Pros: low note. but makes vtec sound godly at WOT

Cons: being chamberd i think im losing a lil power but not much & looks large on bumper

Overall Rating: (1-5) 1=sucks ass 5=FTMFW! ...........3.75

Ominous G2

Name of exhaust: RS*R Ex-Mag

Cost: Used off Kuch

Year/Model/Motor: 99 Civic Si, B16A2

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: Stock exhaust manifold, 2.25 Magnaflow cat, K&N drop in filter

Your Impression: Deep tone, but quiet above 4k rpms.

Pros: Stainless, perfect fitment, not raspy.

Cons: Not stock

Overall Rating: (1-5) 4.5


Brand/Model: Spoon Sports N1 Silencer (Axle-back)

Cost: $550

Year/Model/Motor: 1995 Integra GS-R Sedan/B18C1

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup:
Spoon Sports air cleaner
DC Sports ceramic 4-2-1 1-piece header
OEM catalytic converter

Your Impression:

Before installing the N1, I already knew that I was going to love it. After installing it and driving around, I was immediately in love. Obviously, the N1 is much louder than my previous WS2 since it's straight-through. Luckily the B-Pipe from the WS2 bolts up to the N1, so I didn't have to get custom piping. Only problem is that there's a little rattling from 3000-4000 RPM. I have to take a look and fix it, but I'm sure it's nothing serious. Overall, the Spoon N1 is pure Sexy Time. Especially from 6000 RPM all the way to redline. It screams, making you want more!

Straight-through design
Low profile due to small canister and tip
Lightweight compared to other axle-backs
Has a Sexy Time exhaust note

Axle-back (B-Pipe is sold separately)
Not for people who want a quiet exhaust

Overall Rating: 4


Coming soon!
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GS=goes slow
Name of exhaust: Tsudo Fireball

Cost: $ 150 FTMFW

Year/Model/Motor: 2000 GS B18B1

Intake/Header/Catalytic Converter Setup: eBay intake / stock manifold / stock converter

Your Impression: love this exhaust!! sound grate at WOT and is not too loud for DD use.

Pros: better response,better millage, deep tone,

Cons: it hits parking curbs and speed bumps

Overall Rating: 4.5



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