Hatch Latch and Cargo Light Not Working (Electrical Problem?)


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1999 LS
I decided to try and fix the hatch latch.
I took the actuator appart and found the blue thing broke.

Repalced it, tested with a 9v and it worked. Placed back in car, still not working.
Looked around fround EricTheCarGuy - How To Diagnose & Fix an Integra Rear Hatch That Won't Open
Says to listen for a click by the rear quarter. I hear nothing.
I looked and the switch along with the relay that should be making the clicking sound and they seem good.

I then remembed my cargo light never worked. I took the unit out put a a 9v on it and the light litup.
A service manual said fuse 45 was for this, that fuse is fine.

Last summer my power antenna would intermittently work also.

Any idea on what to do / check out to see whats going on?


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I see that you are testing the units but I don’t see if you’ve checked if the units while installed are getting power.
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Definitely some more things to check there. I would look for bad grounds or broken wires as well.