IntegraGuy Has a New Whip!! 2004 Acura TSX


Well a while ago i decided to switch out my HID bulbs for a 6K bulb. Got them from Ebay didnt think anything of it.

Man did they suck lol

Lesson learned...went with the best now.



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If you're gonna go HID, I highly recommend ordering Morimoto Elite from and a good s2000 retrofit.

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I didn't know which ones you were talking about. If you have oval fog light housings, morimoto makes led fogs. They're great, bright, and have a great wide spread. Have them on my si.

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Just a current pic from when i was up in Wisconsin.

Current plans - lower a little bit more and add a little bit more camber (dont want to go over -2).
A-Spec lip kit in the future hopefully.



Nothing really big as far as updates go.
Got a Bluetooth adapter finally and a Bluetooth OBD2 diagnostic app.

Also one of my rear wheel bearings decided to go out and make a very loud humming noise.
Wiggled the tire off the ground and had a lot of play in it.

Went to Rockauto and got some Timken Bearing ones, installed and now good to go!



So not a lot has changed with the car, mainly just doing some stuff to make the car feel better.

I had got about 40K out of my front brakes (RB Slotted Rotors + Hawk HP+) and the rotors were pretty much done (was wearing away the slots completely).

I went and found a great deal on Amazon.
2 of Hawk's Drilled/Slotted Rotors + Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads for like $170 shipped free 2 day (gotta love prime!).

The rear suspension was not feeling the greatest either.
Almost 200K on the suspensions arms was not helping.
I went and ordered the following:
- OEM rear Leading Arms
- OEM rear Trailing Arms
- OEM rear Ball Joint Arm
- OEM rear sway bar links
- All new OEM bolts
- Hardrace Rear Spindle Arm Bushings

Here are a couple pics of it completely disassembled.

With the parts + labor to get the old bushings out = $550 + 5 hours of my time for disassembly/re-assembly.

Result - rear of the car feels like brand new.
It is so responsive and just feels solid - best investment ever!