lower seat rails??

hey i was just wonderin if there are any different seat rails i coulp swap into my car to make my seat sit lower? I am also open to other ideas lol

those rails are 194 dollars for each side and the don't work on reclining bucket seats. The reason i want the lower rails is because i don't wanna put aftermarket racing seats in a four door and kill the all leather flow
depends on the seat. leather seats with the knobs on the side for the seat sit a bit higher than say a cloth GSR seat which sits higher than a s2000 seat. which sits about the same as a del sol seat. There is some differences in the actual rail too, some of them have a spacer on the rear right corner (where you put bolts in) where its flat instead of angled im not sure if those rails are a tad different in height. but if you want that low seat feeling the s2000 seats make a big difference from an adjustable leather seat and a tad difference between cloth You can really tell the difference too, im not tall but i hit my knee on the steering column when i heel toe with the wheel all the way up sometimes with cloth gsr seats, never with a bucket or a s2k seat.


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Alright, its weird though because I rode shotgun in my car today (I let me girlfriend drive..what the hell was I thinking?) and the passenger seat feels like its 3 feet lower! In reality its maybe an inch or less, but i liked it. is there something different between the driver's and passenger seats? its an LS with cloth seats (not sure if it makes a difference)


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Also curious about this. Being 6'2", if I sit properly my head rests on the headliner. I have to sit ricer-style to keep my head from hitting the roof.


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I'm 6'1" too, and i wouldn't say i'm uncomfortable..I just noticed that thepassenger side was a lot lower. I'll have to look at them and see what the differences are

EDIT: Is everyone else's the same? I didn't realize it was only my car..haha
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