My 2000 DB7


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Bkirshr's 2000 DB7

For those of you that care, I bought a 2013 BRZ a few years ago, and have been modding it for DD and AutoX duties. If you want to check it out, HERE is the "build" thread

Hey everyone! My name is Ben, I've been a member on here for a while, sitting back and learning a lot, and I thought it was about time to introduce myself. I bought my teg (Its a 2000 LS Sedan) earlier this summer and I absolutely love it. I bought it because I'll be taking a car to college this year, and I sold my old car (1999 Ford Taurus) to my sister who will be driving soon. I've done a few mods so far, with advice from you guys.

This car, like the Taurus was sold to my sister when she moved away to college in the summer of 2015.

Still has A/C, PS, and cruise control (daily driver)
AEM short ram intake
Yonaka cat-back exhaust
Custom spark plug wire cover
Aftermarket strut bar (brand unknown)

Burning Red Pearl - R505P
Comptech OEM ITR replica lip
Hella Supertones horns
OEM ITR Stanley sidemarkers
6000k HID from DDM Tuning
DOHC NON VTEC sticker - for s**ts and giggles lol

RAZO RA90 Auto shift knob
Broadway mirror
White LED gauge cluster
LED dome/map lights
LED climate control
Red under-dash/seat lighting
JVC R320 head unit
Sony Explod speakers all around
Dual 400W 2-channel amp
JL Audio 10W3v3-2 Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate Prime R500-1 500W amp

Suspension & Wheels:
Tein Street Basis coilovers
Blackworks Racing lower control arms
Blox front camber kit
Dub Felgenwerks Twists 16x8 +25
205/45 Nitto NeoGen tires
CZR Neo-chrome extended lug nuts

Here are some pics, Let me know what you guys think!!

(more pics) -->

The Adventure:

Got lowness!

Motegi RT5

GSR Blades

Bronze Drag DR-31

Plastidipped white


Thanks for looking!
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I fixed the pictures in the first post, there are more pictures if you click the photobucket link.


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Nice teg man! Shit is clean! What did you do with your old headlights?


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Thanks! and I actually have them for sale on ebay, are you interested?
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Thanks man. I got it on ebay, and I'm actually really happy with the quality of it, it fits perfectly