NC teggies come on!


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Blah, we needa get something down. There's a meet/show/something @ Rockingham I'm going to with a few buddies of mine. =D

Anyone wanna tag along?


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NC stand up, Sorry Atlanta im now in NC, Asheville living the college life.....2011' Im down for meets or what ever, my club back home has 200+ plus we met every 1st thursday and last. Hit me if ya want to get someum going! One

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Sorry for bumping a semi-old thread, but heres another member from NC! woot :rocker:

In a place called Edenton, NC and it's so small and tiny you probally never heard of it.hah. Kinda on the upper middle eastern part of nc. 1 and a half hour to the coast.

Anyways all I have is a 94 Teggy ls. yes it's a four door, yes it's auto, yes its still a teg.

Only mods [if you can call it that] is a AEM SRI. Soon to be getting SP2 exhaust and tein coilovers.:p


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Winston-Salem, NC

94 ls teg

98 front end & rear bumper, 15" rota c8, type-r front lip, rear valances, type-r spoiler


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new to tegs

new to tegs checking in tho gotta a 1991 teg b16 cai headers coilovers msd coil and dizzy strut tower bars. In jacksonville nc and looking to go to some meets. Like I said new to tegs, used to have a 240sx but now into the teg.