Need an "Ace" Technician in Ft.Worth !!!


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What do you need done?
T1 is arguably the best tuning shop in the US and is located in Arlington. If you are on a budget there are a lot more in the dfw area.

Car tune performance
Texas Track Works (predominantly suspension work)
are all great shops, and their are tons more.

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Check out my thread on the "all motor" section & you'll see my post
2 different problems 1 old 1 new
Theres just so much i dont want to have to go into it but check it out
Pretty much the whole car is replaced & the only thing left is iacv fitv iat map its a loooooooong story sir

I really need sum one , u kno that 20 yr honda veteran who's seen it all on honda's, who's had tons of illusive intermitted problems figured out cuz like u said i'am deff on a budget now cuz of this car, it has just drained me mentally, physically, financially im lost. Ive been chasing this weird bogging. When ur at a stop light for a sec then bam! It goes then i shift to second & bog then clears up but it happens everyday & does the hell idle out of the blue no matter if the motor is cold or hot & now just a minute ago i go to start it & nuthin no absolute nuthin & thats the way it has been with this car so now as of tonite i have yet anuther problem so this makes it the 40th-50th problem now
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Injectors might be bad and just dumping fuel, an it starts to be flooded at idle. I used to have that problem.

Hit up Viktor at VikTek, they are kinda far in garland but are very reasonably on pricing.