No fucks given.
First, which stock wheels are on your car?



Fat Fives

Or Webs?

You said you’ve got an 01 LS, so I’m just assuming they’re the Mesh wheels.... In which case, find another one, they’re everywhere for cheap, and polish them up.

You’ll end up with much nicer wheels for way cheaper, and they’ll likely be stronger than any XXR or STR that costs more.


No fucks given.
would OEM wheels with 7 spoke style look good ? or do you think i should get the blades

You mean 99-00 Civic Si wheels?

and 94RS i like the fat fives and the Mesh , also if you have an Instagram i can send you videos of my car as well

That didn’t really answer what I asked, and I don’t have Instagram.

but the stocks are still $175

You’re looking at new/refurbished prices again, not craigslist/eBay prices.

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