s2000 cluster project


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I might still have the dump off my AP1 cluster if anyone is still interested in the dump I will look for it.


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I just found this, I wish I came up with the idea... these guys are first to do it and I support innovation.



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Sweetness. Great sign for any AP1/2 cluster dreamers out there. Nice find Mr. Nite!


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westbay no longer makes the harness...

and the harness from ascension motorsports is $299.99 and it doesn't come with the VSS or the ECT or shipping... you gotta be fucking krazy!!! so its actually a close total of $400+ just for the harness, speedohealer, and modifry. lets no forget about the actual cluster too... jeez.

if the harness was $199.99 i might consider it... even though its still pricey.


I'm sure they still get plenty of people who buy the harness. Some people are nuts. I'll fancy up my stock cluster instead, lol.


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I know this thread is old but I found it and it helped me.

A few notes.. tachocalc didnt come up with numbers that matched my eeprom or were even close. Custy wanted 0 anyway, setting to 00 00 ff ff I can only get down to 31km on the cluster. I could get it up to 33 by changing $c3 to 00 but that added 2km to the trip.

I have ap1 cluster bins as were requested here like 7 yeara ago if anyone still wanta them..

I should also note I HAD ZERO ISSUE PROGRAMMING THE EEPROM IN CIRCUIT RELIABLY. I have programmed it about 100 times tonight trying to get rid of the last 31km but damn.. but yeah, I didn't have to desolder the chip! I'm assuming some ff's somewhere ade the 31 because Basically zeroed every byte that wouldnt cause it to error and ff'd almost every other lol..ah well