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As some of you guys might know, i have a 2001 s2k gauge cluster and i haven't installed it yet. Why? Because the speedometer and water temp will not work right. So my options are to buy both signal converter units from these guys on other honda sites for 250. Or build my own. well that's a simple decision for me. i have decided to build my own converter. From these other sites, you will have to buy two converter boxes. i plan to have mine in one. One box that can do the speed conversion and temp conversion.

So i have been thinking about this process for a while now, even before buying my cluster and plugs off ebay. here is the research information that i found on the internet through other sources...

wiring for a 98-01 DC

Connector A ---------------------------------------------- DC2 98-01 harness

1 BLU/RED (Seat belt reminder) --------------------------- RED/BLU (C8 Seatbelt Light)

4 PNK (SRS) Connect to SRS wire, I don't know it. Or +12V power to turn off light.


7 GRN/RED (Left turn signal (+)) ------------------------- GRN/BLU (C13 Left Turn)

8 GRN/YEL (Right turn signal (+))------------------------- GRN/YEL (C14 RightTurn)

9 RED/WHT (High beam (+)) -------------------------------- RED/GRN (C15 Highbeam)

10 RED/BLU (High beam (-)) ------------------------------- BLK (D6 Ground)

11 BLU/BLK (Trunk indicator) ----------------------------- GRN (C7 Trunk Open)

Connector B

2 RED/YEL (Fuse 45) -------------------------------------- BLK/YEL (C11 IGNITION Power)

OK, B2 doesn't seem to do ANYTHING. I guess hook it up, I'll look for more details tomorrow.

B3 is the switch between bright and dim. I would connect it to (red/black C10 Gauge Lights)

3 RED/BLK ------------------------- +12 dims the cluster- RED/BLK (C10 Lts On Input)

4 YEL (Fuse 5) ------------------------------------------- BLK/YEL (C11 IGNITION Power)

5 WHT/RED (Fuse 25) -------------------------------------- BLK/YEL (C11 IGNITION Power)

6 GRN (Door Pin Input ground signal) ------------------ Lt. GRN/RED (C2 Door Ajar)

8 BLK (Ground) ------------------------------------------- BLK (D6 Ground)

9 BLK (Ground) ------------------------------------------- BLK (D6 Ground)

10 RED (Circuit 12 – dash and console lights (-)) -------- BLK (D6 Ground)

Connector C

1 Wht/Blk VSS OUTPUT ------------------------------- Use to connect to regular speedo if ya want. Step down from high pulse rate to regular pulse rate.

3 BLU/WHT (Vehicle speed signal input (-)) --------------- Connect to VSS Converter

5 BLU (RPM signal input) --------------------------------- BLU (D13 Igniter Unit)

7 YEL/GRN (Coolant temp input) --------------------------- Connect to ECT Converter

8 YEL/BLK (Fuel gauge signal input) ---------------------- YEL/WHT (C1 Fuel Gauge)

15 BLU/YEL (Cruise control indicator (-)) ---------------- RED/BLU (D5 Cruise Control)

Connector D

8 BLU/RED (ABS indicator input) ---- ABS light or connect to ground BLK D6 to turn off light

9 GRN/WHT (E-brake indicator) ---------------------------- GRN/RED (C16 Brake Light)

11 WHT/BLU (Charging system indicator (-)) --------------- WHT/BLU (D9 Charging Light)
(both batt and brake lights come on.)

12 BLK/YEL (Fuse 6) -------------------------------------- BLK/YEL (C11 IGNITION Power)

13 YEL/RED (Engine oil pressure switch input (-)) -------- YEL/RED (D11 Oil Pressure)

14 GRN/ORN (Malfunction indicator light (-)) ------------- GRN/ORG (D12 MIL Lamp)

16 WHT/RED (Fuse 25) ------------------------------------- BLK/YEL (C11 IGNITION Power)

So as you can see all except two wires need some type of conversion.

temp conversion specs

i know that this may be a lot for a normal person who has no engineering degree but i am not one of those. Thankfully. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I currently am working as a project Engineer. This would be a walk in the park only if i knew the signal frequencies and voltages. Welll...

Vss signal from the trany is going to be 12v sqaure wave because that is what is currently on my car and rumors say so too. The s2000 cluster counts waves and converts counts to speed. Rumors has it that the s2k vss generates signals at 36 times the rate of a pre-s2000 vss.

I hope the ECT diagram that i found isn't BS.

Hope its as easy as i think.


please contribute if U know this...

1.frequency of the PWM from s2000 ECT.

So if all of these assumptions are correct, i should have a working prototype in about a month.

My weapons of choice...

PSOC programming system from Cypress.com

PICO Scope Oscillascope will be a usb power

the cluster and plugs

And off coarse....My teg



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If anyone knows anything they think i should also know about. Please add to the thread. Serious shit only.


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It's amazing how many components you need to make this work. Props for patience and hard work!


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definatelly suscribed.... this dude beat me to it! :p


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awesome start so far man! what are you going to do in terms of fitment in the dash? the s2k cluster is a lot smaller than the integra bezel...


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awesome start so far man! what are you going to do in terms of fitment in the dash? the s2k cluster is a lot smaller than the integra bezel...
custome black carbon or black plexiglass with some other gauges built in. already have everything planned out. just need these signals to start working. Might have to go borrow a friends s2000 for a weeken.


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i was told theres a harness you can buy to plug an play.
i know of two modules you have to buy in order t make the conversion work properly. Some modules will get you close to the right mph readings and others won't. Some have adjustable settings and some don't. There is a difference between "working" and "working properly". The two modules i know of are not in anyway, shape or form a plug-and-plug unit. I can't even find the plugs that will plug into a s2000 cluster, that's why i had to buy the cluster with plugs. So it might be hard to find the right plugs.

if you can find out more information about a plug-and-play unit, please let me know.