s2000 cluster project


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taking up all that space huh? the teg must really be special, haha
yes it is. this is a project car between me and my other two brothers, who are currently attending UTI Houston. We're are going to finish this project when they come back. Ones working towards performance/diagnostics and the other is working on autobody/paint. All i can say is this car going to be badass in about 2 years.

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Thats lookin pretty good, cant wait to see the end result.


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Ok got everything to work perfect now up to the point where i would have to start designing the converters. the wiring guild was really just a beginner's guild it missed a couple of important connections that i had to find my self. will post up results later.

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so how much did everyonething cost you? i'm very interested in piecing together this project but i knew the actually wiring and converters was a bit harder than it seemed.


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so how much did everyonething cost you? i'm very interested in piecing together this project but i knew the actually wiring and converters was a bit harder than it seemed.
my cluster and two sets of plugs costed me $220 i guessing that it will cost me another $50 to build my all-in-one converter.


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How are you going about the bezel?? Using the integra with a backing/filler plate?
haven't thought about it much yet. installation is the easy part. making the electronics work is harder. i am currently working on the conversion software right now. Now i got to bring out the oscilloscope and function generators. let the fun begin.


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time for an update again.

So far so good until today. Found out that the integra speedometer isn't very accurate. Reason i say this is because the s2000 gives you a digital readout(very accurate). Where as for the integra, i am eyeballing the reading off my ls speedometer. So, overall still good but may not be accurate to +/-4 percent of actual reality speed. Government requires all US cars to have that close of a tolerance.

As for generating a speed readout on the s2000 cluster, this was successful. here are some spec for the s2k cluster, the following information could not be found anywhere in the internet because I tried to look for something to compare too and can't find shit.

to get mph you must supply a 12v square, 20 percent duty cycle wave to the signal input at the rate of ....

speed(MPH) S2000(hrtz) Integra(Hrtz) Ratio(s2k/integra)
0 0-100 0 0

10 500 15 33.33333333

20 940 26 36.15384615

30 1340 38 35.26315789

40 1800 48 37.5

50 2230 59 37.79661017

60 2640 70 37.71428571

70 3090 80 38.625

80 3500 91 38.46153846

90 3910 101 38.71287129

100 4310 112 38.48214286

110 4810 123 39.10569106

120 5240 134 39.10447761

I am going to need a digital speedometer for an integra in order to finish to get specs to where i would like them to be. SO DOES ANY HAVE ONE THAT I CAN BUY FOR CHEAP OR BORROW?

Look at ratios and you can clearly see why a direct wire hook up to the integra VSS signal will not work.

Enjoy guys..... The only reason why i am giving out this information(could of kept it private) is for the better of our site and to promote the world of automotive electronics. Because when it comes to engine building, information is left and right but electronics are discussed, things are too quite.


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damb my chart isn't lookin right, our forum software isn't working right. i'll use some thing else to post this up.