Super Sexy Slammed Integra Thread v2.0


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Hmmmm don't really recognize his car. He could be from further down south towards Bakersfield. NvUs is pretty big group.


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Guys I have a question. My integra is pretty low, not sss, but pretty low. I have camber wear on the inner of my front two tires, not my rears. The toe is good. Why am i getting this wear so bad in the front?

People say get camber kits and reduce the camber, but it's confusing because the other half says get camber kits to get more camber to fit better? Also, it's my front left that's the worst. It has the most camber, IIRC at least a half a degree more than the right side, even though they're both lowered the same height from the rim to the fender.