the car by reiske restore from trash


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I have a friend Reiske, who died 12/07/2011 died during the night! Reiske was a brother, I decided to make a gift to him to restore the car that killed.
The car was handed over to the scrap, barely barely got to restore the documents to the machine. drove the car in the box for resuscitation.
Brother Reiske exams tomorrow on the right and a month is his birthday. He had long dreamed of the same machine as my brother and I decided to give it restored.
At the last finishing at Reiske force was 700 when he crashed the car a little bit but rebuilt 250 turbo power.
I will put the brains of others that would not cheap. Paulsen when he learns that normally steer the 250 can raise the boost to it and have put hondata. with setting up a force of 300. and so gradually will bring up to 400 power. larger boost will not do because the car and even after the restoration of the city is not necessary. told him speed limiter is set at 160 kilometers per hour.
Invested in the restoration for about $ 9,000
roof of the digested
pulled the car
Langeron Right digested
kondishona hung sink
the door has changed
front doors digested
hood set
wings put
Motor B20 brought new darton, pistons and put the needle. undercut vtec head.
put Bosko
so far has put the brakes 262 front and rear drums (which was at hand) front 282 and rear 262 from honda torneo.

Guys who can help me please what (money don't care)
left very little to restore to full recovery is necessary:
front headlights (JDM)
ICE heatsink
engine cooling hoses
If anyone can help (these parts lying around please help)
Previously I had used Honda S2000, which is sold and the money invested in the restoration. Today the car was driven into prokrasochny boxing. I gave the last money.

Thank you for your attention.
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What in the world did i just read?


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Honda Integra db6 Reiske and I built.
In homage to Reiske, I want to rebuild his Honda and give her brother Reiske.
I do not want to sound the final price that had to spend, but since the finance is no more, I want to take the Reiske of a birthday gift a car, and therefore asked for help.


Good luck, sounds like a worthwile project :thumbs up


Oh man, I subscribed to Reiske's build on here. I didn't know he passed away, damn. Yes, good luck with the project! It's great that you're doing it in the memory of Reiske. :thumbs up:


^ Not sure what's going on up there, lol. The car is finished? Do you have more pictures of the machine?