Weed legalization in Colorado and Washington


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Foo, Imma fly out to cali and whoop yo ass if u don't quit for realz!

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It's a money game. The govment :) will make more money with it being illegal and at the same time they waste so much money trying to stop a plant from growing. What they need to stop is this meth and crack bs. And on the whole fed s*** they will start messing with co once they get bored look at how they did cali. Ssdd
Actually, I think they'd make more legalizing it and taxing it like they have with cigarettes and alcohol


And why is it that if you are found with weed you get more time than if you are convicted of a violent crime?


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Going back to the OP, he mentions that something changed because of legalization such as DUIs coming about. You can get a DUI anywhere for weed. I am in PA, ask me how I know ;)

If it does become legal throughout the states and federally, I want my record expunged.

I have no problem with issuing a DUI for weed, however, they need to effectively be able to test for it right then and there. I got in trouble for something like 0.052 nanograms in my blood. All because they found a few dead lighters and a opened pack of rolling papers in the car. Back end came out around a horrid turn and hit someone. This was before I realized I should have better tread tires on the back instead of the fronts. I know, stupid me. Took my son to the hosiptal to just make sure everything was fine (he was of course), and they took that as me leaving the scene of the accident, given them rights to search my car.

Anyways, I agree on that there are other issues in the states we need to worry about, bigger and worse drugs to battle (including alcohol). I, too, think it is bulls*** that alcohol can kill, but is legal.
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That sucks and yes I agree they should have to actively test for it right when they suspect you.


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Just because they test that it is in your blood, they cant verify if your dui or not.

In ca, twice two differnt times said that they could take me, but that tney werent going to. One time they found a little glass one hitter and smashed it. I was cool with that since my wife cant drive stick and the car would have gotten towed.


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The fact that alcohol and even tobacco are legal and can do more damage is beyond me. There have been so many health benefits with weed that it should be more widely accepted as medicine, IMO.

You don't get blackout drunk when smoking weed. There have been no deaths responsible because of "getting too high" but you can die from alcohol poisoning. This doesn't mean I think its OK for people to sit around and get high all day.

I do not smoke, but I support medical marijuana.

The other problem with Colorado supporting weed is that there is still a Federal law against it, even though the state said it was OK. This needs to get ironed out before we can move on.
Couldn't have said it better myself.