What an autopower race roll bar looks like in 2nd gens

I know it was a bit difficult when I was looking so I thought I would post these so others could see. This is the race roll bar from autopower with non-removable cross bar and harness bar.

Looks good. Im going with a custom roll bar that will be legal to my size made by Evil Genius Racing, they also will certify that it is NASA and SCCA legal. Hope you have a harness and a bucket seat to go with the bar.
sure do, i got two kirkey seats with harness, i would have gone custom, but me and brother plan on getting a bender and making our own cage eventually, and so this car will be the test subject. but this way the bar is removable, and ithis cage is a good cheap buy, it was about 600 out the door.

damn. i think mine was quoted at $600 installed and inspected. plus its expandable to a full cage.
Well the bar I had to put in myself, u can get the autopower bar to come as a cage but I think its either or, but they make them car specific. What ur saying definitely sounds like a sweet deal though.
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