Which ECU?

Hey guys,
so I have a code 4 (crank angle sensor) have done all the checks in the workshop manual and have found no fault with the dizzy or wiring. I swapped the dizzy just in case but got the same error even after resetting the ecu. Anyway I am thinking of replacing the ecu next as I can't think what else could be giving me the error code and my car is stuck in limb mode still. I am looking into picking one up from the wreckers or ebay but I am amazingly confused as to which one to get!
My ecu is a obd0 ecu the code is:
37820-pr4-q01 434-1000068 AG

I have read the threads on identifying what the numbers mean but which numbers are relivant? Do I need to find an ecu with exactly those numbers does it only matter if the car is obd0 and manual?

you want a PR4 ecu. The numbers do matter. They signify year, what map they have etc.The Type R P73s have different numbers attached to them which indicate it and if you happen to get a JDM version over a US there is a big difference. IDK why but my JDM P73 had a crazy crazy crazy agressive VTEC crossover and a 9k redline and was less sensitive to seeing misfires vs my USDM P72. My crossover is way less agressive on my tuned P28.

Have you tried a different dizzy? I would try and find a new PR4 ecu.
Thanks for the help!
Yes on my second dizzy. I have tested the dizzy over and over and have even jumped the entire wiring harness from the sensor back to the ecu and found no fault. Unplugging the crank sensor gave no change also. I am seriously thinking it can only be a problem within the ECU itself. There is continuity between the cps pins on the ecu (B10, B12) so no break in the circuit but the resistance is very high, like 9k ohms. If I find a PR4 ecu that is obd0 and designed for a manual car I should be alright?

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