Who's in Florida?

Jack Rot

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You guys should start a FL pictures thread, only post with pics of your car, no junk talking.

i have an 08 si that im trying to get rid of, im tired of making payments and soon wont be able to afford it.... so i'll be getting a gsr soon, either traded or purchased. :)

is there any meets with alot of integra's in south florida?

im in hollywood.
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My Chevrolet be bangin'
anyone in the 850 okaloosa county area?


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Might be moving to cape coral fort myers area within the next few months. I used to live in cape coral.


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Im not in FL. Thank god too, lived in that state for a little while and it was fuggin nasty shit. LOTS of car theft. My buddy had his hatch stolen twice in jacksonville...didnt get it back the second time. The removable steering wheel, fuel cutoff switch, and 3 pedal locks apparently didnt do shit. FL FTL.