Assy's S2000

If you've got a drill or a polisher just sand it with 600, primer, wet sand the primer with 1200 or 1600, rattle can it with color matched or something using an even sweeping motion like you would with an actual paint gun, then wet sand it with 3000, 5000, then compound and polish.

It's easier than you might think. I don't think one single person in real life ever thought my gsr's bumper was rattle canned and I didn't even know how to compound and polish correctly back then so it wasn't as nice as it could've been.

That's essentially what I did last time, the duplicolor shot out of the can in globs no matter how much I shook it.

I'm also debating whether or not to get it paint matched professionally

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Probably an old can, I've had that happen before as well. I've learned in the recent months to pay a little extra and go somewhere that has automotive paint where they can mix and fill a spray can in store.
That is a good idea, I will consider that for sure.


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Hopefully it works out if you do try it.

Rattle canning is a tricky little sucker sometimes.

Also if you do repaint it yourself wet sand the final coat and hit it with 3-4 fairly solid coats of clear, wet sanding between coats. That gives you a lot more room for some major cutting and buffing to get a nice shiny finish because you're digging into the clear rather than risking burning right through your fresh base coat into the primer.
Tried Griot's car soap. Worked ok. Need a respray on my bumper. Won't do it till I'm done with school, so excuse the destroyed bumper.

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Road freckles just mean you actually drive your car. Wear that shit with pride.

Lol if only, one of these days I'll get the bumper fixed and painted then add paint protection film

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I'm gonna put a "/r/SexyFrex" sticker on the front bumper of the mustang for cars & coffee.

That might yield interesting results.

Update: will be ordering a new top soon and attempting to install it.

Also why are these seats such a pain to take care of, it's like not matter what they'll still become wrinkled and I've really worked these with quality leather conditioner /rant

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Did some stuff today.

-spark plugs
-buffed the heat shield
-painted exhaust manifold heat shield
-cleaned IACV
-VTEC solenoid gasket
-Painted battery tie down

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No fucks given.
That's a hell of a clean bay, Assy :thumbup:
That's a hell of a clean bay, Assy :thumbup:

:thumbs up

Should've thought to buff the vtec solenoid while you had it off.

Thanks guys!

Okay so today I tried doing some beginner paint correction.

What I used:

Porter Cable variable speed random orbital
Griot's Garage BOSS Fast correcting cream and Sealent with the corresponding

Half the hood done

Worked wonderfully.

The pads are fantastic and all this stuff is worth the money. Will do the whole car soon but lack the time currently.

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