Assy's S2000

Finished the rest of the car.

Wash and clay bar. Used Griot's clay with my mix of no rinse wash as lubricant

I gave the correcting cream a shot on the headlights and wow what a difference.



Once the whole car is done

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My "mini" restoration of this car continues with the side markers.

As seen here, both had tabs broken and were 'glued' in, one was falling out constantly as well.

Here's the glue residue that remains, pretty irritating I have to say.

The one pictured here I ended up having to put on in backwards to cover the damage but oh well, who is going to notice.

Here it is in backwards

Also found a CR at C&C

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Things left to replace/fix:

Windshield needs replacing

Soft top needs replacing

These little plastic things behind the seat rub with the roll hoops when the seat is fully extended. They're all scratched up so they'll need to be replaced as well.

Need to do valves still as well.

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The other asshole
If you're comfortable doing it you can probably soak a microfiber in acetone and soften the glue up, then wet sand with 2000 up to 5000, compound and polish the glue away. Honda paint is a bit touchy though because it's usually very thin.
No updates with the car really. Working on the hardtop to eliminate squeaking before I head out on my long road trip

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Good news got the hardtop on with no squeaking, made some 'custom' rubber gaskets that I lubed with silicon grease.

Windshield still on backorder so looks like I'll be heading out on the road trip with a broken windshield

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No fucks given.
Looks like some racetrack?
Looks like some racetrack?

Good eye, that was Mid-Ohio.

Replacing the soft top

And getting a new windshield in. Turns out this one was scratched so they'll be out Wednesday with a new one.

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Well I’m back. Car has been fantastic and planning to make another drive down to Arkansas to give the Italian tune up.

Wheel bearing and gun was recently replaced. On this car when a stud breaks both of those have to be removed and replaced. It gave me an excuse to buy a 20 ton press though.

Also tried Zainos polish. Really good results. I believe my car had the hood repainted at one point because the clear coat is failing. It will need a respray but this is a great bandage. Hood needed 3 coats. Here we see almost all of the polish removed.

Car has been great and I hope all of you have been well.

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